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Five reasons I would invite Roberto Hemmero to dinner

Roberto Hemmero

We often get asked at gigs (mostly by white people) where Roberto comes from. The answers are wide and varied.

Rob, Berto, brother, bass ou, bruin ou… whatever you want to call him, seems to have mystifying power over our audiences. Continue reading Five reasons I would invite Roberto Hemmero to dinner

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Cape Town shows

Ryan Calder

Last year’s Cape tour was an incredible experience for me personally. We performed in a packed-out 25m2 café of wine drinkers. We opened for Plush at the Assembly to hundreds of young boozers. We performed a supper-theatre show for an audience where the average age was 65. And we set up on a verandah in Paarl and performed for a group of orphaned children. Six nights out of seven, and Rudi made it through alive.

That seems a lifetime ago. Continue reading Cape Town shows

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Behind the Song: Hide Away

It’s not often that I get to just sit and play guitar, but on this particular Saturday afternoon, I was strumming the chords that would become this song when Tam walked into the room and started singing spontaneously.

I remember we’d both been pretty busy and it was nice to just be at home, with no agenda for the day. Tam walked in, heard the chords and said, Continue reading Behind the Song: Hide Away

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Planning for the Hexagon Theatre

We had a meeting on Saturday. It was scheduled for 8am. Yes, yes, I know, that’s not very rock ‘n roll. I even baked muffins. Seriously. Burnt them a bit, but insisted that on principle the rest of the band eat them. They politely, if uncomfortably, consumed my first attempt at chocolate muffins.

By 8.40am, we’re ready to begin. In attendance are Rudi, Roberto, Rachel Grace and yours truly. Apologies from Tam, who has work commitments, while Jon, we assume, is still slumbering in CT. Continue reading Planning for the Hexagon Theatre