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What the RCB does online

SO you’re new to the RCB… or relatively new… and you’ve probably picked up that we do a lot of our communicating online. There’s two fundamental things you should know.


There’s this website, which you are currently on.


And then there’s this website..

The one you are reading from now ( is about the band and all we do.

The Great Deep ( is a sub-domain, as well as the name of our new album.

This sub-domain is a slightly different blog, or stream-of-consciousness, which is intended to give those interested the inside track of the RCB. It’s primarily where we blog seriously.

This is the subject matter we think about, the subject matter which informs our songwriting. It’s the stuff that is on our mind: a more indepth, [mostly] serious look at the world, its inhabitants and the God who created us.

As we blog, we’re also recording and writing. We’re tracking the songs steadily which will, by the end of the year, form the new album called The Great Deep.

So that’s us in a nutshell, outside of our Facebook page, Twitter handle, YouTube channel and e-mail newsletter.

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Reasons for music, shows, and related decisions

Hexagon Dive June 2011

Music is brilliant at conveying a `feeling’,  creating an atmosphere. It can shape your perception in a powerful way. Imagine a movie without a soundtrack – it just wouldn’t be the same. As a lover of music I continually find myself reminded of the ability that the right kind of music has to put ones thoughts and emotions into perspective. Our recent series of shows at the Hexagon was one of those reminders. Continue reading Reasons for music, shows, and related decisions

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New year, exciting times

It’s the start of a new year, a new adventure and a new plan.

Do you make new year resolutions? I do. Some don’t – they say it merely dooms them to failure as soon as they make a resolution. And so they resolve not to resolve…

Strength to them, I’m sure they’ll go far.

For me and my house, Continue reading New year, exciting times