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Reasons for music, shows, and related decisions

Hexagon Dive June 2011

Music is brilliant at conveying a `feeling’,  creating an atmosphere. It can shape your perception in a powerful way. Imagine a movie without a soundtrack – it just wouldn’t be the same. As a lover of music I continually find myself reminded of the ability that the right kind of music has to put ones thoughts and emotions into perspective. Our recent series of shows at the Hexagon was one of those reminders. Continue reading Reasons for music, shows, and related decisions

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Introducing Marlon Hemmero

Marlon runs a studio in Pietermaritzburg where the Ryan Calder Band has put together its second album.

To be honest, it feels like a lifetime ago that I arranged to go and visit Marlon. I feel like I’ve known him for years and years. But I remember that particular night clearly – sitting down talking life and music with him, and how we would go about putting together the new RCB album. I remember his passion, his insight and a quiet awareness in his ability as a creative force.

Marlon Hemmero

Continue reading Introducing Marlon Hemmero