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Some months in the life of a musician… #3

July 5

I’m in Cape Town. Performances, meetings, research of venues… it’s all happening.

7.02am. My inbox is full of correspondence. People who want wedding invitations (after the KZN Bridal Fair), business deals and various musical endeavours. It really feels like the hustle is on. Continue reading Some months in the life of a musician… #3

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RCB Duo Tour Blog #3

IT was difficult not to drive off the road. The scenery was just so beautifully distracting. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The morning after our soirĂ©e at the Smiths’ house, we were treated to a cooked breakfast by Bryan and Cel. While everyone was munching (the only time it was ever quiet in the house), Bryan suddenly had an epiphany: “It’s such a beautiful day! We have to take Ryan and Jon to the beach!”

Sardinia Bay. Need I say more.


A quick stop at a local music store, a mall-stop to stock up on lunch and multiple Foursquare check-ins later, and we were Plett-bound.

Mark's office view.
Mark and his office view.

RCB trooper and our very good friend Mark Brown was there to meet us on arrival at Nature’s Valley, where he works as the director of the Trust.

How he gets any work done in such a paradise, I have no idea. Like I said, we nearly veered off the beaten track because the scenery was so distracting.

Such are the hazards of being a Garden Route newbie.

There was precious little time to sit and oogle, so Mark being the go-getter that he is treated us to a whirlwind tour of the reserve, the beaches and the city of Plett.

Then followed a bag drop-off and a brief hello to the Brown family as well as the Van Eeden family (who were hosting us), and we were off to the venue.

Surf Cafe is a brilliant place to perform – it plays host to all the local musicians as well as the big names in the SA music industry, and we could see why.

The small venue was perfect for us as a duo. On a Monday night, Plettenburg Bay came out in numbers and the place was packed.

Our goal with music is fairly simple: give people Hope, eradicate grumpiness and make the majority of heads bop in the process. In the midst of drinks and dinner being served, the audience were attentive to every word.

The morning began early with yet another Garden Route cooked breakfast at the Browns’ house (how awesome are all these people??). Plett has some beautiful surroundings, but people make a place. Go visit there, if ever you have a chance. There are some real gems.

Next stop, Cape Town…