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In the Open Air

I remember lying on the top bunk of a backpackers in Barcelona. It was a September evening in 2011, 1am, and there was still a buzz of vehicle and foot traffic outside. A normal occurrence for the city. I loved Barcelona, and during this time of Covid19, it’s surreal to think that it might be a long while before any of us can venture beyond our own communities. Continue reading In the Open Air

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‘Open Air’ available for download!

THE time has arrived. The Great Deep is available for pre-order.

The first track, called Open Air, has been made available for purchase. During the rest of this year, we will be releasing the songs steadily as they are complete, and they form part of this brand new album.

If you want the songs as they are released, you can purchase them individually. If you are patient and can wait a while, you can pre-order the album and then download the whole lot at the end of the year, which will also include some bonus tracks and special additions.

To find out more about this project, click here.



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Behind the Lyric Video: Open Air

The concept behind the lyric video for Open Air was fairly simple. My kids are avid painters and artists, and we seem to acquire an unending pile of paper in various drawers, tabletops and corners of our home. The best use for them? Scanned and inverted, and hey presto! The backdrop to the lyrics! Continue reading Behind the Lyric Video: Open Air