#30 – How Do We Fight In A Relationship?

The Great Deep
The Great Deep
#30 - How Do We Fight In A Relationship?

Amidst Valentine’s Day and the month of love, here’s a question: how do we fight in a relationship? How should we do it in a way that esteems, rather than vanquishes?

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I’m at a stage where I think this stuff needs more discussion. There’s a host of information out there, but herein is my experience.

The podcast references the song Loving Every Day. You can read the story behind the song here.

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Here are some of my marriage reflections, 15 years in.

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Behind the Song: More Beautiful Tonight

I’ve long been a fan of Eric Clapton.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong. This is not a lyrical derivative of Wonderful Tonight, although I sometimes wonder if those kind of songs just lie dormant in our sub-conscience and make their way to the surface in subtle ways. As the band tells me, everything we listen to influences the music we create, some of it is just more dominant.

In actual fact, it was the Continue reading Behind the Song: More Beautiful Tonight

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Behind the Song: Loving Every Day

This song was the first one penned for the new album, about four years ago. It was one of those songs which very quickly had a structure, but developed slowly lyrically… so much so that it was only completed last year.

So for those who don’t know, my beautiful wife Tamlyn Mary is the inspiration behind this tune. Without boring you with too many details, Tam and I met at a time when I was fairly rogue. Continue reading Behind the Song: Loving Every Day