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Vlog: Winter Walks and a Weekend in Hospital

Based on the blog (which you can read here), this documents another winter week in the midlands as well as a weekend in hospital.

Here’s an excerpt:”Last week my wife had a scheduled operation to repair a hernia. We were all set, when that morning our youngest continued to complain of a sore stomach. Long story short, she needed to go in for surgery too.

“What are the chances?” my wife asked me that morning.

“Actually pretty good,” I replied. So on a day that I was prepped to be a nursing husband, I was now thrust into the scenario of also being a nursing father. Two surgeries, two separate wards, two overnight stays – all on the same day.” Continue reading Vlog: Winter Walks and a Weekend in Hospital

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Life is about interruptions

When I consider the life of Jesus, one of the interesting lessons I take away is to do with interruptions. All the stuff written about him wasn’t strategized or pre-planned: the water being turned into wine, the fish and the loaves, the calming on the stormy seas… all those miraculous stories were based on interruptions. Continue reading Life is about interruptions