#29 – Health and Fitness

The Great Deep
#29 - Health and Fitness

It’s February. How are your new year resolutions holding up? I always enjoy the health and fitness surge in the population around January. Continue reading #29 – Health and Fitness

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Life in South Africa: Exercise

It all started while waiting in an aisle to pay for the groceries. You know those magazines… the ones with Photoshopped six packs? Well, I bought one. I dug deep into my resolve and my wallet and fished out R35,95 for this month’s Men’s Health edition. This particular edition came with a mini booklet called “Abs for Life” – complete with workouts, diet plan and info on how to get the mid-section you always dreamed of.


Well, the only reason I have any aspirations to bear resemblance to a Greek god is because, well, it Continue reading Life in South Africa: Exercise