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The Yoke of Fathering

The world is a pretty hectic place at the moment. If you’re anything like me you look at all the issues going on around the planet and you wonder if we’ll ever find some semblance of peace.

Probably not in our lifetime. So what do we do? What will help?

Maybe it’s just where I’m at right now, but I’m looking at the issues in the world today and I can’t shake the idea that most of the conflict and systematic problems could be avoided if good fathers were present. Continue reading The Yoke of Fathering

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Parenthood: The rockstar life

So there we were, Saturday night, 11pm… my missus and I… staring blankly at the mixer.

The birthday cake for our two-year-old daughter had just come out the oven and was cooling on the counter. The day began at 5.15am (our kids don’t quite understand why that’s illegal) and we haven’t stopped since then. Ah, parenthood.

The hypnotic effect of the butter icing swirling around in the mixing bowl was enough to begin my philosophical departure: what was life like before the birth of our kids?

I honestly can’t remember. My life was probably really pathetic. Back then, if I could remember, we  probably Continue reading Parenthood: The rockstar life

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Father once again… trying to be cool during the time of your life

Ryan and Adam Calder

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… it’s clichéd, I know, but it’s true: nothing can prepare you for the birth of a child. Fatherhood second time around it’s just as exciting, just as nerve-wracking. Continue reading Father once again… trying to be cool during the time of your life