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The Great Deep Vlogcast: Mental Health Benefits From Exercise

There are many benefits to your mental health, but listed here are five from personal experience. 

Check out the blog: 

Check out the deeper version in the podcast:

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Mudman triathlon part two 2011

Ryan and Rachel

Albert Falls. 9am. It’s 169 degrees. And here I am, along with several hundred other crazy nut jobs, on the banks of the dam about to begin the second installment of suicide.

Okay, that’s slightly dramatic. But you get the picture: It’s the start of the second Mudman Triathlon at Albert Falls Dam. Continue reading Mudman triathlon part two 2011

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Mudman triathlon part two 2011: Training blog

Doodle running

On March 6, I will be making like a bread truck and hauling buns in the second Mudman.

The problem with training for the Mudman is the multi-discipline nature of the event. It’s not like, “Oh ok, let me go for a jog, and see if I collapse from a heart attack… if not, I’m good to go!”

Oh no, dear minions… there’s no shortcut here. If you don’t put in the time, you don’t get there results. You have to apply yourself over a period of time to each discipline. Herewith, the training diary: Continue reading Mudman triathlon part two 2011: Training blog

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Life in South Africa: Exercise

It all started while waiting in an aisle to pay for the groceries. You know those magazines… the ones with Photoshopped six packs? Well, I bought one. I dug deep into my resolve and my wallet and fished out R35,95 for this month’s Men’s Health edition. This particular edition came with a mini booklet called “Abs for Life” – complete with workouts, diet plan and info on how to get the mid-section you always dreamed of.


Well, the only reason I have any aspirations to bear resemblance to a Greek god is because, well, it Continue reading Life in South Africa: Exercise