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Cape Town shows

Ryan Calder

Last year’s Cape tour was an incredible experience for me personally. We performed in a packed-out 25m2 café of wine drinkers. We opened for Plush at the Assembly to hundreds of young boozers. We performed a supper-theatre show for an audience where the average age was 65. And we set up on a verandah in Paarl and performed for a group of orphaned children. Six nights out of seven, and Rudi made it through alive.

That seems a lifetime ago. Continue reading Cape Town shows

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Cape Town: Perfect place for a weekend, or longer

U2 fans

It really was an impulse decision. Three days after the announcement, tickets were 90% sold out – which was cause for sudden reflection, questions of an existential nature and the opportunity to be young again.

Click click. Computicket. Credit card. Done. U2 in Cape Town, February 2011. Continue reading Cape Town: Perfect place for a weekend, or longer

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U2 360 in Cape Town


Now I know that the Irish, and their frontman in particular, fetch a lot of criticism from the grumpy and the generally cynical. But it really would take a very unique type of anal-retentiveness to not be amazed at this concert experience.

The excitement in the outer hallways of the stadium is as electric as the vibe inside. And all of a sudden, there they are… Continue reading U2 360 in Cape Town

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::Harbourlight:: is a band from Johannesburg, made up of 5 guys who work hard but have a whole lot of fun making awesome music together. Their first brilliant offering, entitled Come Home, was initially released in July 2008 and subsequently re-released in late 2010 after they secured a distribution deal with Maranatha Music. Their second album was recently released and has already been well received, with the single Closer being playlisted on local radio stations KFM in Cape Town and OFM in Bloemfontein.

But that’s not how you know they’re cool. You know they’re cool cos we think they’re cool. We like the fact that they’re a five-piece (and there are some awesome five-piece bands in SA. *wink!*). And we like that they love God. We think they are a band destined for great things…

Check out our interview with them below:

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Behind the Song: Crazy World

Crazy World is the oldest song on the album.

I started writing it over two years ago while on holiday in Cape Town. I remember the vast, crazy contrast while I was there: the immense opulence of Camps Bay versus the in-your-face drags of Khayelitsha. I remember how foreign both ways of life were to me. I pondered over it for weeks. In the end, Continue reading Behind the Song: Crazy World

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The RCB Cape Town tour memoirs

So at last, our issues with web service providers seem to have been solved and we’re back up and running. Many apologies to all those who were trying to get on the website and couldn’t… it was beyond our control and incredibly frustrating, but we’re glad to be up and running again!

The band’s first soiree into Cape Town was an unbelievable time. For a band, there is nothing like Continue reading The RCB Cape Town tour memoirs