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In the Open Air

I remember lying on the top bunk of a backpackers in Barcelona. It was a September evening in 2011, 1am, and there was still a buzz of vehicle and foot traffic outside. A normal occurrence for the city. I loved Barcelona, and during this time of Covid19, it’s surreal to think that it might be a long while before any of us can venture beyond our own communities. Continue reading In the Open Air

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Music industry observations by Niall Doorley (Future Music Forum)

Niall Doorley

The Future Music Forum, which I attended in September in Barcelona, is the brainchild of events co-ordinator Niall Doorley. Niall is an energetic personality, and has created a important space for the music industry to come together and share ideas. Continue reading Music industry observations by Niall Doorley (Future Music Forum)

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The international doors open

Donate towards the RCB's Spain expedition.

I am normally circumspect when it comes to statements such as “living by faith” or “God will provide”. But as I type this, I find myself in the middle of an unfolding miracle. You may or may not believe it, and I am still trying to come to grips with it myself. It all started on Monday. Continue reading The international doors open

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We won! Now what?

RCB Sales Chart1

There’s good news and there’s bad news, and then there’s the “who knows?”…

The Ryan Calder Band emerged official winners of the international online competition! And first prize includes free access to the super awesome Future Music Forum, held in Barcelona, Spain. That’s the good news. Continue reading We won! Now what?