#6 – How To Slay A Dragon

The Great Deep
#6 - How To Slay A Dragon

The Sixth episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series looks at things that trip us up – our own personal demons and how we face them – an idea central to the song, How To Slay A Dragon.

There’s also a blog post on the subject, titled How To Slay A Dragon.

I’m talking figuratively about dragons. And in that sense, everyone is facing one. For some in school, it’s the fear of standing up in front of the class to do an oral. For others, it’s the enormity of having a conversation with a difficult boss. Then there’s a whole bigger breed of dragon: addiction, verbal abuse, domestic violence, divorce, racist talk and behaviour… these are big dragons, and they are not easy to slay.

This episode’s Favourite Movie Quote segment comes from Brad Pitt in the 2004 movie Troy – a brief motivational speech that sums up the sentiment in this song.

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