#25 – Reflections at the end of 2020

The Great Deep
#25 - Reflections at the end of 2020

A snapshot of thoughts at the end of 2020. The Twenty-Fifth episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series explores some reflections.

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I wrote a blog post about all of this, which you can read here.

I remember listening to a podcast about the Sabbath. Interesting insight is that in the Bible when God created man, Adam’s first full day in the garden – day number 7 – was the Father’s Sabbath. His Creator had a clear diary.

I wonder if Adam woke up on his first day ready to do some stuff? I mean, here he is – freshly made by God with the kiss of life – and he’s got some gardening to do. Tasks ahead of him. Things that need to get done.

Our own mindsets work like this: we wind our way through the week towards the weekend at a frenetic pace, and then collapse in a heap. Then hopefully we get rested enough to do it all over again.

But God’s design is different: we work FROM a day of rest, not TOWARDS it. We work FROM pleasure, not FOR pleasure.

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