#21 – Reflections after 5 weeks of lockdown

The Twenty-First episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series is a reflection of life after 5 weeks of lockdown, and one main idea to think about in the days, weeks and months ahead.

The world we lived in used to sprint. It’s still trying to sprint, even though it can’t sprint anywhere. And in the process, I see how we are depleting the reserves needed for the long haul. Resources, like empathy and appreciation, have all but run out.

I haven’t understood these slower rhythms during lockdown. And judging from other angry South Africans online, I don’t think they have either. We’re trying to keep up (read: trying to sprint) with… what exactly? The world is not going anywhere fast. It’s evolving, at marathon pace. Best we extend some empathy towards each other as well as ourselves, and breathe in the new world as it comes to us, and pace ourselves accordingly.

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