#20 – Artist Subscriptions, part 2

The Twentieth episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series continues to explore the idea of subscribing to an artist.

If you’re interested in subscribing to my exclusive content, have a look at MY PATREON PAGE.

Jack Conte (Patreon founder) gave a fantastic keynote talk at the CDBaby DIY Musician Conference (listen to it here), or you can check out his TED talk here.

Essentially in this episode we’re exploring the idea of South African business and supporting it – not only musicians and artist, but also heavily affected industries like hospitality (local restaurants, BnBs and venues need support) not to mention other areas of trade where social distancing has affected people’s livelihoods.

Have you ever considered subscribing to an artist?


Subscribing is different to a tip or purchasing a ticket – it’s a bit of a longer commitment. Put your thoughts in a comment and join the discussion below.

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