#19 – Artist Subscriptions, part 1

The Nineteenth episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series looks at the issue of subscribing to an artist – their content, their creative output and their work.

Patreon is well down this road in terms of harnessing the connection of creators with an audience. The idea is you subscribe to an artist in return for valuable content. CHECK IT OUT.

The question is essentially what is the value of art? Yes, people pick and choose their preferences and interests, but the focus of this episode is a more fundamental question: how do YOU (as in you reading this) QUANTIFY your own preferences? In other words how much less rich would your life be without your favourite artist or musician or actor/film director?

Have you ever considered subscribing to an artist?


Subscribing is different to a tip or purchasing a ticket – it’s a bit of a longer commitment. Put your thoughts in a comment and join the discussion below.

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