#18 [MINI] – Covid 19… has anything really changed?

The Eighteenth episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series asks a somewhat controversial question in light of the bigger picture: Has anything really changed in a world of Covid-19? Or are we just now aware of things that we were too distracted to see before?

This might sound like a strange question considering that many people around the world have lost jobs, are going hungry and have little support in a time of lockdown.

That might be the conversation of another blog post.

For me, I reference some observations in my own world which haven’t changed, we’re just noticing them more for the first time:

  • Good musicians are still good musicians, but with greater reach now
  • Diligence and self-responsibility is now more apparent than ever in a home school/home work environment
  • People’s important relationships – with family and with friends – are truly tested and exposed for what those relationships really are when we’re all in isolation

Has anything in your world fundamentally changed? Put your thoughts in a comment and join the discussion below.

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