#16 – Home

The Great Deep
The Great Deep
#16 - Home

The Sixteenth episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series looks at the idea of Home, and what that means.

There’s also a blog post on the subject, titled Home.

The story of the prodigal son resonates with me on many levels – as a son, as a brother, as a father and as a pastor. I like this narrative because I think that the tendency to run away is dormant in all of us. In addition, I like this story because I think the older brother’s attitude of entitlement also lies dormant in all of us.

This is a song I sing whenever I’ve had a hard day at the office, when I’ve said the wrong things to people, when I’ve completely stuffed up with my family or friends. The idea here is that home is that place where you’re accepted and loved, where you find redemption, healing and peace, and where you can move on.

This episode’s Favourite Movie Quote segment comes from Gladiator… you’ll have to listen to hear exactly which one as there are so many good quotes in that film!

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2 thoughts on “#16 – Home

  1. So proud of you my son
    Proud too that what you’ve said today is evidence that it comes out of a life well- lived and from one who constantly seeks not only to order his own soul but those of his family, friends and wider community.

    1. Shot Pops. 🙂

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