#13 – Losing Myself

The Great Deep
The Great Deep
#13 - Losing Myself

The Thirteenth episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series looks at giving up your own agenda – an idea central to the song, Losing Myself.

There’s also a blog post on the subject, titled Losing Myself.

I think on this subject there is so much I could philosophize about, but I’d rather just tell my story so far. I’ll do my best to be honest. Most of us, if we’re all honest, have a selfish trait in us that just won’t subside. Least of all me. I like my space, my time, my things, my own agenda and my own plan.

This was no mean feat growing up in a family of six, I might add.

This episode’s Favourite Movie Quote segment comes from Jerry Maguire… ie. Help me help you!

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