#11 [MINI] – 14 years into marriage, my thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Disclaimer up front for all you romantics out there, this podcast is a slight bit more of a rant, than something mushy.

I remember my feelings about Valentine’s Day when I was an unattached 20-something. When it came to anyone talking romance or plans for two or hinting at something mushy, let’s just say cupid’s arrow basically got smoked by my bazooka. I suppose deep down was just rebellious anger because I had no cutezy wootzey significant other.

Thankfully, I did find a significant other and although I have softened on the whole isolated romantic thing, I don’t really hesitate to say: Not by much.

I wrote about my romantic ideas in this blog post:

10 out-of-the-box romantic ideas for you and yours… you’re welcome.

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