#1 – How To Fix The World

The Great Deep
#1 - How To Fix The World

In our first episode of the Great Deep Podcast Series we talk to some of our people and get their perspective on how they would fix the world, and look at elements of the song One Small Flame.

Many thanks to Qin, Sandile, Mark, Maike, Gareth, Rob, Bev, Bron and Tristan for their contributions!

This episode’s Favourite Movie Quote segment comes from Jon and it’s extracted out of Lord of the Rings: Two Towers.

The Great Deep is our growing collection of podcasts, songs, art and media talking about life’s deeper questions. Album art by the genius himself, Remi Abrahams.

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2 thoughts on “#1 – How To Fix The World

  1. Great first podcast guys! Love it. So cool to see how you fleshing out the meaning behind each song, and the inspiration for the album.

  2. I agree if you don’t start now you definitely won’t start tomorrow?

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