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Syd Kitchen: SA music legend

Syd Kitchen

As a young, aspiring solo artist, I will never forget that cold May evening in 2004. I was in Howick at the Forgotten Falls, and had just finished sound check. I was standing at the back of the marquee, chatting with the venue owners Kech and Pia Sanchez. Across the field appeared a silhouette walking in our direction, carrying a guitar case. As he got closer, I recognised Syd Kitchen. Continue reading Syd Kitchen: SA music legend

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Web Savvy: Website development by the Bache Brothers

We figured it’s about time we featured some web buddies from our hometown, Pietermaritzburg (a.k.a “the sleepy hollow”). But don’t  be fooled. The Bache brothers don’t mess around. In fact, with people like the Baches operating the way they do in PMB, we’re surprised it still has a reputation as the sleepy hollow.

The Baches are ‘true web buddies’ for us in the sense that we haven’t yet got to know them in person, but rather exclusively by means of online interaction (strange given that we’re from the same place – maybe PMB isn’t that small after all…). We admire their initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, and we respect their desire to create and add value to the online sphere. We caught up with them recently to hear their insights on web development and online trends. Continue reading Web Savvy: Website development by the Bache Brothers

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Radio and music: Damon Beard

Damon Beard

The band first met Damon at the Golden Horse Casino last year. I’ve bumped into him on a number of occasions before that through media work. We’ve found Damon to be one of the most approachable guys in show business, and he’s been very accommodating of the RCB and our ideas. His show on East Coast Radio broadcasts from 3 to 6pm every weekday and you can check out his blog here. We asked him a few questions about the radio and music business. Continue reading Radio and music: Damon Beard

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Mudman triathlon part two 2011: Training blog

Doodle running

On March 6, I will be making like a bread truck and hauling buns in the second Mudman.

The problem with training for the Mudman is the multi-discipline nature of the event. It’s not like, “Oh ok, let me go for a jog, and see if I collapse from a heart attack… if not, I’m good to go!”

Oh no, dear minions… there’s no shortcut here. If you don’t put in the time, you don’t get there results. You have to apply yourself over a period of time to each discipline. Herewith, the training diary: Continue reading Mudman triathlon part two 2011: Training blog

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Fishing with Greg – time-out from reality

Man of the house

Everyone at some time or another eventually experiences the kind of stress that incapacitates, where the delightful curveballs that life throw at you evade the cricket regulation catches required to save the ball from crashing into your face. So I was no stranger to the numb effects that came as a direct result of Rudi, like Jack before him, behaving like a dull boy. But even the planning for a downtime necessary to remedy my dire situation would bounce off my cranium like a Brett Lee bouncer.

In steps long time friend and regular agony uncle, Greg, to sell me on a weekend fishing trip to his favourite haunt in Umtinzini. Three days and two nights on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast, just the two guys, free of anything resembling responsibility, decorum or meals that included all the major food groups. Continue reading Fishing with Greg – time-out from reality

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U2 360 in Cape Town


Now I know that the Irish, and their frontman in particular, fetch a lot of criticism from the grumpy and the generally cynical. But it really would take a very unique type of anal-retentiveness to not be amazed at this concert experience.

The excitement in the outer hallways of the stadium is as electric as the vibe inside. And all of a sudden, there they are… Continue reading U2 360 in Cape Town