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Locals, music and the city of Barcelona

Calders, Barcelona

Barcelona is intoxicating. Several times I have come close to getting a tattoo, and every night I have ended up in some obscure little carrer (street) after mixing it up with the locals. I have butchered their Catalan (the native language) to death, but I am obviously enough entertainment value to warrant the amount of free drinks I have garnered from them. Continue reading Locals, music and the city of Barcelona

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Mark Haze: Cape Town rocker talks music industry

Mark Haze

From the outset it was clear a certain Mark Haze wasn’t going to be on the fringes of M-Net Idols. We’ve enjoyed watching his journey so far, but also how well he has engaged with his rapidly-expanding fan base. He’s used the internet to communicate regularly and connect with people while on his Idols journey. We caught up with him to chat about how he views music and life in general. Continue reading Mark Haze: Cape Town rocker talks music industry

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Cape Town shows

Ryan Calder

Last year’s Cape tour was an incredible experience for me personally. We performed in a packed-out 25m2 café of wine drinkers. We opened for Plush at the Assembly to hundreds of young boozers. We performed a supper-theatre show for an audience where the average age was 65. And we set up on a verandah in Paarl and performed for a group of orphaned children. Six nights out of seven, and Rudi made it through alive.

That seems a lifetime ago. Continue reading Cape Town shows