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The RCB at the Knoll

WE did it. After months… nay!… years of writing and recording.. we are putting on a show. But not just any show! And not just for the sake of it either… this, people, is going to be one of those SPECIAL moments. Like, VERY special.

Here’s the plan:

1. You bring a picnic blanket and picnic basket of food.
2. You pay R50 for a ticket at the gate (or if you’re clever, you can pre-order your ticket for just R40!)
3. You enjoy an afternoon of live entertainment, from 3pm onwards…

Here’s what the band is planning to do on the day:

Julie Patrick.

Jon (left) has booked his plane ticket to KZN and will fly in 2 days prior to the show. He’s bringing his keyboard. And his persona.

Many don’t know this, but the RCB keyboardist is a Masters graduate in statistics, works as a behavioural analyst for an online company and is single. Yes, ladies. A-v-a-i-l-a-b-l-e.

True story: he runs a half marathon every three months, and lives in Mowbray, Cape Town.

Julie Patrick.

Roberto (right) will be locking up his dog after his ubiquitous weekly Durban trip (where he spends a lot of time these days and nights), and heading up to Hilton with his family.

The master blaster, who works at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, is a father of two, husband of but one wife, and spends his spare time trying to control their new labrador from causing chaos in the neighbourhood.

He does not run half marathons.

Julie Patrick.

Rudi (left) has agreed to let the RCB, and you, invade his dwelling place.

Rudi is one of the leading authorities on F1 as well as bunny chows. His hangout these days is The Knoll in Hilton.

He doesn’t need to bring anything, including his family, because everything ascribed to him in this world is all there: wife, family and drum kit.

Easy game.


I am bringing my wife and kids. My wife is going to be on stage, which is why I need you there… to look after the kids!

Kidding. (Pun intended.)

We are quite excited about performing for you, in all seriousness.

So this is what we are going to do: we are going to pray for beautiful sunshine, and host the show on the sprawling front lawns of The Knoll in front of the farmhouse.

Not bad, huh?
Not bad, huh?

Then, dear fans and intrepid chance-takers, we will play you the new music of the RCB. And let me just say, we are very excited about this new music. We think that you might be as well, once you have heard it.

All I’m saying is come ready. Bring your family, your friends, someone who needs cheering up… freak, bring your cellphone if you have to… just come ready. We are setting up an appointment with you, and afterwards you will not think the same way about the world.

Or bass guitars, for that matter.


Take Pietermaritz St to Chief Albert Luthuli St/R103

Follow R103 to traffic lights by Old Main Brewey, turn left into Dennis Shepstone Dr in Hilton

Continue on Dennis Shepstone Dr, passed Cowan House school

Turn right on to dirt road at sign for “Knoll Barn”

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‘Open Air’ available for download!

THE time has arrived. The Great Deep is available for pre-order.

The first track, called Open Air, has been made available for purchase. During the rest of this year, we will be releasing the songs steadily as they are complete, and they form part of this brand new album.

If you want the songs as they are released, you can purchase them individually. If you are patient and can wait a while, you can pre-order the album and then download the whole lot at the end of the year, which will also include some bonus tracks and special additions.

To find out more about this project, click here.



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What the RCB does online

SO you’re new to the RCB… or relatively new… and you’ve probably picked up that we do a lot of our communicating online. There’s two fundamental things you should know.


There’s this website, which you are currently on.


And then there’s this website..

The one you are reading from now ( is about the band and all we do.

The Great Deep ( is a sub-domain, as well as the name of our new album.

This sub-domain is a slightly different blog, or stream-of-consciousness, which is intended to give those interested the inside track of the RCB. It’s primarily where we blog seriously.

This is the subject matter we think about, the subject matter which informs our songwriting. It’s the stuff that is on our mind: a more indepth, [mostly] serious look at the world, its inhabitants and the God who created us.

As we blog, we’re also recording and writing. We’re tracking the songs steadily which will, by the end of the year, form the new album called The Great Deep.

So that’s us in a nutshell, outside of our Facebook page, Twitter handle, YouTube channel and e-mail newsletter.

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2014 is the time

IT has been a long haul, has the last 14 months. New jobs, various movements of band members, career changes all round, growing families…

Many things have changed. I play less golf. I tell far more outrageous bed-time stories. My skin sees sunlight during the day, despite playing less golf. My wife is pregnant, for the third time.

Some things have increased. I increasingly play less golf. My kids increasingly make me smile more. And laugh. Out loud. I increasingly huff-and-puff more on a trail run, despite theories that one improves with frequency.

And the dreams just won’t die. Trying to make sense of the map of life in the music industry is a hefty mind trip…

But nonetheless, this month we embark on something we set out to do a year ago: release new music.

I hope 2014 is a cracker year for you. Stay tuned, and remember the good advice of Mark Twain this year: “Always do right. This will gratify some and astonish the rest.”

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RCB Duo Tour Blog #6

THERE’S always a light in a dark place… you just have to know where to find it.

Having gone flat out over the previous six days, it was time to carry on going flat out. A morning run (on my own this time) was followed by a hearty breakfast and then various admin jobs – visiting local radio stations, venues and media outlets.

By the time I got home, it was lunch and a few hours to go over preparations for the evening’s gig.

Jon arrived at 5pm, having knocked off work, and subsequently announced that he was worried. Apparently it was touch-and-go as to whether people would pitch for the gig that night. Two hours later, his worst fears came true. Just three people arrived. Darkness began to descend….

Lack of marketing, busy week, endless other things on the go… all combined to hinder our best intentions for the evening.

So we did what any other musician would have done:

We performed our songs. And we filmed it.

The three committed souls who arrived – Tristan “T-Dogg” Pringle, Tim Hotchkiss and Justin Floor (he didn’t want a nickname) – were duly promoted and hired into the newly-formed media crew for the RCB, dubbed by T-Dogg as the “Caldersac”.

I. kid. you. not. Stop. laughing.

We filmed two brand new songs, performed completely acoustically. Once editing is done, we’ll let you know.

All the darkness in the world can’t dim the light of one small flame.

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RCB Duo Tour Blog #5

WEDNESDAY morning arrived earlier than my body thought it would. To further put me on the back foot, Jon walked in to my room with coffee, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, all kitted out in his running gear. I was more than disorientated.

Post-run. Everyone still managed a smile.
Post-run. Everyone still managed a smile.

Ten minutes later, we were on the tarmac with our old man, shuffling around the Cape Town suburbs, getting our cardio up to speed with the effects of the week. It’s always a good idea to get outside.

Part of the focus of this tour has been to meet new people. The plan was to meet up with my brother and sister’s church Life Groups. I was able to share and facilitate a session couched around Ephesians 5, which made for some great discussion. My siblings’ groups consist mostly of UCT students and young people from Jubilee, most on the brink of entering the working world. My then folks invited their group around as well…

…and before you could blink over 30 people arrived and were crammed into my folks’ lounge.

Kitchen and lounge takeover.
Kitchen and lounge takeover.

It was a real treat meeting younger and older generations, and to see what is happening in the lives of people in the Western Cape. There are some quality young minds in that crew. I came away from the evening thinking that if that calibre of people is in our tertiary institutions at the moment, the country is on the verge of something very promising and good.

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RCB Duo Tour Blog #4

JON is catching on. It took four days, but finally en route to Cape Town, his admin skills came to the fore as he hustled and bustled the organisation for the Heritage Day Concert in Pinelands.

I spent most of the trip driving while Jon was hammering away on his phone. It was quite nice: lost in my own thoughts, admiring the beautiful countryside, listening to Frank Sinatra and pondering the mysteries of how on earth he could still sound so compelling all these decades later. But maybe that’s just me…

Lunch stop saw us absorbing the sights and smells of Oumeul in Riviersonderand. Quaint little spot. Good place to stock up on padkos, stretch the legs and then get moving again.

Cape Town has long been a home-away-from-home for me. My first adventure as a solo musician was when Jon was in first year at UCT and I gathered up every last cent from my little gigs and travelled here to explore the music possibilities and run the Two Oceans half marathon. Special times.

So on this particular day, we cruised into Cape Town 2 hours ahead of the gig, which was in aid of the National Sea & Rescue Institute (NSRI). Three years ago to the day, Jon’s good friend Mndeni disappeared off the rocks at Llandudno beach. The show was put together to celebrate his life and raise awareness of the work that the NSRI do.

It was a truly special evening, shelved away in the hall, with a wide range of people from different walks of life.

One thing brings us all together though, and that’s a shared sense that life is worth living. It really is. For example: I, among other things, live to see the day Jon finds his wife. Given his skills in making Tuesday happen, I would say he’s right near the top of SA’s eligible bachelor’s list.