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Fixing the World, with some other Small Flames

I have previously blogged about how to fix the world, in which I said that we need good relationships. The one small flame that pushes back the darkness is that we develop good relationships in our lifetime.

Healthy marriages, wise parenting and happy friendships are the kinds of things we’re talking about here. There’s plenty of literature about how to go about all of that.

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Fixing the world, with this Small Flame

I GOOGLED “How To Fix The World”… it came up with some interesting reads. You know, lofty socio-economic reforms and major paradigm shifts in political ideology. Possible, but not probable… And certainly not feasible given the state of everything.

For me, I like to think about how to fix the world by using this picture:

“All the darkness in the world can’t dim the light of one small flame.”

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Six years on…

This is a recent photograph of me in my studio at home. I think it sums up where I’m at after six years.

Yes, you did read correctly: the last music I made was 6 years ago. “What the hang have you been doing?” you may ask. Good question.

Here’s the headlines:

– My wife and I welcomed our second and third child into the Calder household. So that whole era kind of dominated proceedings.

– Speaking of household, our previous dwelling was too small, so we moved into a bigger one – enough bedrooms, fireplace, big garden and an avocado tree!

– I changed jobs.

– My wife changed jobs.

– Over and above all that, I became a pastor.

And I’m happy and grateful to be able to say that we are about to release our new music: The Great Deep.

The RCB is still around. It’s just got bigger. It’s more like a collective than a band now. The original five members have all aged a bit… you know, grown up and grown into more responsibilities. So some of the songs feature my long-time friends and musical companions, while on other tracks I have collaborated with new friends and musicians. But I’d like to leave the music to speak for itself…

I have worked on this new music at home over the past 6 years. It has been a real blessing to do it all this way. It’s really personal… like, you can hear the hadedas in my garden and the dogs barking in my neighbourhood on the new songs!

I have a prevailing conviction about the music and art that I create, which is it should bring some sense of hope and joy to people. So when the new tunes come out, I hope this will be true for you.