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Week 2 Explanation

An overview of the chords for week 2.

In this lesson, we’re going to cover A and E major. These are also chords where you don’t have to stretch you fingers too far.

The cool thing about the E major chord is that it is exactly the same as E minor, except all you have to do is add in finger number 1 to the third string from the bottom in the first fret.

Again, all you need to do for this week is get your muscles used to playing these new shapes. The next video is a 4-minute loop with E first and then A to practice along to.

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Week 1

Here’s a run down of the first week of practice.

In this lesson we’re covering the two of the most easy-to-play chords. Em and D. They’re easy to play because you don’t have to stretch your fingers too far. Continue reading Week 1

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Joburg and back

What an epic weekend it was. I survived the altitude change, I wasn’t hijacked and best of all… I got to play music! The last time I was in Joburg to play music we were gallivanting around Pretoria with Southern Gypsey Queen and the back end of Richmond with Newtown. Good times.

I love being on the road. Don’t get me wrong – there’s no place like home: I mean, I get woken up by my kids and hauled out of bed on cold Autumn mornings (before sunrise), the lawn has to be cut, and my dogs bark (read: yap) at everything that moves. Continue reading Joburg and back