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lol for the music industry #1

As we all know right now, musician life has changed dramatically in mere days and weeks following the pandemic of Covid-19 and the lockdown of many parts of the world.

That means the Internet will now be subjected to live stream concerts ad nauseam for ages. Personally, I think this is great. Many others are thinking, “Lord have mercy!”

(Some of these people are musicians themselves – I’m not sure why they can’t just scroll on by and not listen. I mean, surely we all have a choice in these things? But anyway…)

To help the worldwide audience, as well as fellow musician friends, I have devised a coping mechanism – because if we can’t have a little laugh at ourselves, fellow musos, well… then all is lost!

So I present to you, for lack of a better title: #LOLFORTHEMUSICINDUSTRY

Here’s the first episode…

Feel free to share with someone who needs a lol during lockdown, or for any other reason.

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