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Coping strategies in this crazy world

Someone asked me the other day how I manage to stay so calm all the time. I must be honest and say, I wish I felt as calm as what they perceive me to be! My wife likens me to a duck on the water – above the surface it looks quite easy-going and chilled but underneath there’s lot of furious paddling!

I suppose the essence of the question is how do we maintain some sense of order and common sense in a crazy world? Continue reading Coping strategies in this crazy world

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How To Slay A Dragon

I have a lot of questions. Questions like:

“Why can man land on the moon, but he can’t figure out a woman?”

“Why can’t the economic work force begin the day at a more reasonable hour… like, an hour after coffee?”

“Will my kids ever learn to tidy up?”

But perhaps the most pertinent question I’ve had over the last few years has been: “How do you slay a dragon?”

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