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Shannon Hope – indie musician

Shannon Hope is one of the best examples we can think of when it comes to “how to make it as an indie musician in South Africa”. Shannon is hard-working and manages all aspects of her career – from writing songs to booking gigs to marketing and using the online sphere to enhance her own unique and awesome brand of “art pop”, as she calls it. Check the interview with her below. Continue reading Shannon Hope – indie musician

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RCB Christmas free CD giveaway – the winners

We like free stuff. We’re sure you like free stuff too.

So we decided, in the spirit of Christmas, to give away five albums. All you had to do was comment on our Facebook page with your postbox details. The criteria was simple: we’re looking for enthusiastic fans. You must understand, flattery gets you Continue reading RCB Christmas free CD giveaway – the winners

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Music video, Brad the manager and new plans

RCB brainstorm

After the hustle, bustle and general mad rush of RCB activity last year – which saw us release a CD on a six-gig tour of Cape Town, share the stage with SA greats Watershed, Prime Circle, Wonderboom, Plush as well as many great local artists on the same journey seeking success in the SA music scene – it was time for a lekgotla of our own to drink coffee, talk, chirp and tease out a strategy for the new year.

The first task for RCB friend/fan/drum tech/sound engineer/bouncer/advisor and new manager Brad Hutton, was to herd us into the next phase in a way that would facilitate Roberto and Cora-Lee’s imminent arrival and change in status,  while at the same time increase sales and grow our support base. With all the basics for social networking in place and a butt-kicking website to boot, we now turn our attention to the realm of the music video. And not just your garden-variety, professionally-produced, big-budget-fried-chicken Sama-assured music video here. Oh no, sportsfans. We intend to do the music video Continue reading Music video, Brad the manager and new plans

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Mike Saunders: Social Media and Marketing

Mike Saunders and I go back to 2004, where we were both involved in the production team of the annual Just Jesus Music Festival held over each new year. Mike also played drums and percussion for the track Can’t Wait To See You on my first solo album Better Days. In recent years Mike has moved his marketing expertise into the online realm, and helps businesses get to grips with social networking. Continue reading Mike Saunders: Social Media and Marketing

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New year, exciting times

It’s the start of a new year, a new adventure and a new plan.

Do you make new year resolutions? I do. Some don’t – they say it merely dooms them to failure as soon as they make a resolution. And so they resolve not to resolve…

Strength to them, I’m sure they’ll go far.

For me and my house, Continue reading New year, exciting times

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RCB CD Giveaway: Feedback your memories of 2010

This year, 2010, has been a great year for the RCB. It began with the recording and release of On The Edge. From there, the band toured Cape Town and performed a number of shows in our native KZN, including the Hexagon Theatre as well as two big stadium concerts with Watershed and Prime Circle. Continue reading RCB CD Giveaway: Feedback your memories of 2010

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Parenthood: The rockstar life

So there we were, Saturday night, 11pm… my missus and I… staring blankly at the mixer.

The birthday cake for our two-year-old daughter had just come out the oven and was cooling on the counter. The day began at 5.15am (our kids don’t quite understand why that’s illegal) and we haven’t stopped since then. Ah, parenthood.

The hypnotic effect of the butter icing swirling around in the mixing bowl was enough to begin my philosophical departure: what was life like before the birth of our kids?

I honestly can’t remember. My life was probably really pathetic. Back then, if I could remember, we  probably Continue reading Parenthood: The rockstar life