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Behind the Song: Alive

On The Edge, Ryan Calder Band

There really is nothing like the sounds of Africa… particularly African rhythm: that lilted 4/4 which most of us wit ous know through the likes of Johnny Clegg.

Yes, he was a big musical influence on this song… rhythmically it was Spirit of the Great Heart and musically it was also Scatterlings of Africa. I thought we only just started to Continue reading Behind the Song: Alive

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Royal Rumble

It takes a split second to push through from paralyzing fear into the confidence that makes you step out on stage and try own it. Waiting for the moment when we would kick off the Royal show concert was much like getting wax treatment from a snail with narcolepsy, as the deadline kept being moved back in 10 minute increments to accommodate the sloth like arrival of what would ultimately become the crowd Continue reading Royal Rumble

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Show Reviews

Fogeys Stage

Were you at a recent show of the Ryan Calder Band?

The RCB is looking for reviews of their performances, and in return will give you a free copy of the band’s Live at the Red Door album, autographed by all of the band members! The first 20 reviews all get Continue reading Show Reviews

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Behind the Song: On The Edge

The last song to be written ended up as the first song on the album.

I enjoy some of the chords in Jim Croche songs, and for this song the inspiration was the same sequence from the chorus of Time In A Bottle, which runs down the D scale. Except for On The Edge, the rhythm is more upbeat.

I remember it so clearly, sitting on my bed in my room with pen and paper on my lap, trying to finish the song by putting words that matched the mood of the rhythm and the chords. I knew what I wanted the song to be about, but just couldn’t find an opening line. Continue reading Behind the Song: On The Edge

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Planning for the Hexagon Theatre

We had a meeting on Saturday. It was scheduled for 8am. Yes, yes, I know, that’s not very rock ‘n roll. I even baked muffins. Seriously. Burnt them a bit, but insisted that on principle the rest of the band eat them. They politely, if uncomfortably, consumed my first attempt at chocolate muffins.

By 8.40am, we’re ready to begin. In attendance are Rudi, Roberto, Rachel Grace and yours truly. Apologies from Tam, who has work commitments, while Jon, we assume, is still slumbering in CT. Continue reading Planning for the Hexagon Theatre