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Parenthood: The rockstar life

So there we were, Saturday night, 11pm… my missus and I… staring blankly at the mixer.

The birthday cake for our two-year-old daughter had just come out the oven and was cooling on the counter. The day began at 5.15am (our kids don’t quite understand why that’s illegal) and we haven’t stopped since then. Ah, parenthood.

The hypnotic effect of the butter icing swirling around in the mixing bowl was enough to begin my philosophical departure: what was life like before the birth of our kids?

I honestly can’t remember. My life was probably really pathetic. Back then, if I could remember, we  probably Continue reading Parenthood: The rockstar life

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Life in South Africa: Social Networking

I once read a statistic that looked at how fast an earthquake travels compared to how quickly news travels on Twitter. Yup, you guessed it. Twitterers within the earthquake radius would know about the oncoming earthquake before it actually reached them. The problem, however, is that they would be delayed a further few seconds from escaping the carnage because they simply had to retweet what they had just read.

In South Africa, though, we don’t have earthquakes. We have taxis with sub woofers. Problem is, Continue reading Life in South Africa: Social Networking

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A week of shows in KZN

Allow me to be honest: it was one of those weeks. The RCB worked, and man… did we work. It’s an emotional experience collaborating in music and putting yourself out there. All of us in the RCB feel it. The highs of the music business are exceptionally high, and the lows are laden with the smell of sulphur.

However, I am constantly amazed at who comes to watch us perform.

KZN is historically avoided Continue reading A week of shows in KZN

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Open Strings in Westville

Rod and Karen Nichols are the owners of a venue which has recently started up in Westville, and they’ve called it Open Strings. Once a month Rod and Karen open their home and host a major South African act performing an acoustic set. On the bill thus far has been Farryl Purkiss, John Ellis, Syd Kitchen and Nibs van der Spuy. Continue reading Open Strings in Westville