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In the Open Air

I remember lying on the top bunk of a backpackers in Barcelona. It was a September evening in 2011, 1am, and there was still a buzz of vehicle and foot traffic outside. A normal occurrence for the city. I loved Barcelona, and during this time of Covid19, it’s surreal to think that it might be a long while before any of us can venture beyond our own communities. Continue reading In the Open Air

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Dear God

I remember distinctly sitting with my dad in his lounge. It was a sunny Cape Town afternoon, and we were enjoying a slow day as a family and solving the world’s problems. Somehow, the conversation led us to the topic of the Psalms. Continue reading Dear God

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The idea of home… and what it means

If you haven’t read the story of The Prodigal Son, you can read it here.

The story resonates with me on many levels – as a son, as a brother, as a father and as a pastor. I like this narrative because I think that the tendency to run away is dormant in all of us. In addition, I like this story because I think the older brother’s attitude of entitlement also lies dormant in all of us. Continue reading The idea of home… and what it means

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How To Slay A Dragon

I have a lot of questions. Questions like:

“Why can man land on the moon, but he can’t figure out a woman?”

“Why can’t the economic work force begin the day at a more reasonable hour… like, an hour after coffee?”

“Will my kids ever learn to tidy up?”

But perhaps the most pertinent question I’ve had over the last few years has been: “How do you slay a dragon?”

Continue reading How To Slay A Dragon