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Winning… most of the day

I have managed a couple of cold mornings, but this morning was without doubt the nastiest-icy-cold-howling wind of the entire month… the kind of wind that whistles numbness around your ears and rips through layers of fabric like shooting pins into your skin and is enough to make a grown man cry. I just keep telling myself I’m the hardest worker in the room as well as outside of the room too. Cardio: tick.

Back day. Dead lifts and pull ups and all sorts of things to get the lats going. I put effort into making sure form and effort were maxed. Workout: tick.

Music at St Charles JP – Grade 1 and 2 song practice and a Grade 3 choir practice, and big strides towards getting busy little boys to focus. Superhero powers: tick.

Maritzburg Prep sport matches – six-year-old boys playing Ridge in hockey and nine-year-old girls playing soccer at The Wykeham Collegiate. Mass strategic co-ordination, transport logistics, time management and execution of fun and learning. Swag: tick.

Then fetched my kids from school, picked up a Woolies coffee and chocolate for my wife. Brownie points: tick.

It was all going so well, the only question mark was supper: macaroni cheese and mince – which was not on the diet plan. I reasoned that seeing as I’m burning around 3500 calories per day, a “cheat meal” like this would suffice… but I shouldn’t have really. The only reason I shouldn’t have is because as I type this – I feel more sluggish. It’s amazing to note, and it’s a good lesson in the notion that biologically, “you are what you eat”, even if that is not completely true. Suffice to say, I will have to clock in an 8km run tomorrow as penance… which I actually don’t mind.

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