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What’s the soundtrack to your life right now?

Out of curiosity for SEO and the concept itself, I googled it. I had no idea of the amount of websites that will quiz you and then give you the results. Here’s what landed my way:

Result 1:

Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel.

“You have absolutely no fixed rules about the way you love to live your life. You will do whatever you like. You know you only get to live once.”

Result 2:

Time of my life is your favourite song.

“Love is happy, and this song captures the feeling perfectly. Plus, who doesn’t love Dirty Dancing?”

Result 3:

“Upbeat indie is your genre. You’re a free spirit and an innovator. You treat every day like a new experiment. Never slow down your journey!”

So that’s me in a nutshell, according to the internet. I thought I’d check how accurate it is, so I asked a few of my mates what they thought the soundtrack of my life would sound like, and they said the following:

Person 1: “Wahaha… Goodness. I’ll have to think about that one.”

Person 2: “🤣🤣🤣”

Person 3: “Hmmm”

After a short while, the suggestions came in:

Person 4: “Honestly this was the first song that came to mind:” (Extreme Days, by TobyMac)

Person 3: I Lived – One Republic… Because of how you are all seizing this new adventure and opportunity.”

Person 5: “As a first go 😜🤣🤣

Person 6: “A combination of the Bare Necessities, Great Balls of Fire, the Road Runner and Chariots of Fire… and actually I think that is the perfect sound track!!!

– You are content and have minimalised your life and possessions – Bare Necessities.

– You are on a huge adventure – Great Balls of Fire.

– It’s terrifying and every now and again a rock falls from nowhere on your head 😂😂 – the Road Runner.

– And at the end of the day you are running this race called life with integrity and perseverance – Chariots of Fire.”

So that’s me, according to my closer ‘fam’.

The real test is going to be whether my wife agrees with all of that!

So what’s the soundtrack to your life?

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