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Virtually live around the globe

Over two years ago, I woke up early on Saturday mornings to broadcast a thing called “Coffee Sessions” on Facebook Live. At the time it seemed a bit far-fetched in our local community, although there was plenty of online engagement for me and my modest 300 Followers/Likers.

Two years on, the number of people who like the page has only just doubled, and the majority of the “fan base” – if you can call it that (I think of it as “community”) – has been earned purely from live shows and physical, real-life networks.

Now, in the midst of the Covid-19, I don’t need to explain to the locals or break it down. This is what musicians do.

So I am joining the myriad of streams, and I’ll be broadcasting from home with my family to spread some good cheer, and need your assistance.

We’re taking song requests, we’re answering questions, putting on whatever show you would like to see really. Tell us where you’re at, what you and yours are doing, and how we can help you.

Comments and ideas below…

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2 thoughts on “Virtually live around the globe

  1. This is ssooooooo wonderful ❤️

    1. Thanks Kerry. 🙂 We host guest appearances as well… just saying.

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