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Thoughts on making ‘Wide Open World’ lyric video

“SO much to do with so little time, but to not give it a go would be a crime.”

This is a bit of life anthem for me, at this moment in time. It’s because, I suppose, at some point in all of our lives, we come to the realisation that we’re not getting any younger – and it’s simply a good idea to just DO something. Like, what you actually want to do.

So for me, I’ve had a few moments in the last few months watching people like Gary Vee and Draw with Jazza on YouTube. (Frikkin geniuses, by the way.) Anyway, they’ve inspired me to get my own entrepreneurial creative side going with music, drawing, animation, artwork and… just do it. Do it all. The whole lot.

So I’ve been churning out some late nights, but I can’t say that it has not been fun. The process has been quite therapeutic for me. While I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be as far as the content and stylistic aspects are concerned, it feels good to be producing stuff and have a start, a middle and an end to reflect on in the creative process. It’s like I’m learning all the time through doing and through people’s responses. Many creatives get paralysed before they even get going – I should know, I’ve had years of it! But, this song and the On The Edge album have got me busy again.

The world is wide and the world is wild… but the question to be asked is what is the message that we are all living right now? It’s always good to ask these sorts of questions of ourselves as frequently as possible.

Something I wonder, is if YOU were designing a video for the RCB on any one of our songs, what would it be? I’d love to hear from you.

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