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Thoughts on making ‘Leave It Behind’ lyric video

Number three…

When I was at university, I accidentally stumbled on watercolour and have had a distant fascination with it ever since. I could yak for hours on this, but I’ll stick to the video itself…

Because of the difference in the tone and mood of this song, my initial thought was to create a video in a medium that could hopefully convey the gravitas of the lyrics as well a sense of hope and life.

I like how it turned out. It gives a brighter sense of hope than I think the music initially conveyed to me when I was writing the song. The song itself is a lot murkier in my mind than it has ultimately appeared visually in this video. BUT, I really do like how it portrays the song, all these years later.

It’s fun posting about the process as it unfolds with our RCB social media followers of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and seeing their responses to some of the behind-the-scenes pics while it was all being made. (You can check out our various social media accounts by clicking on those links.) We love chatting with people about the process, so honestly – if you have some thoughts you’d like to share – please hit us up in the comments section below.

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