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Thoughts on making ‘Alive’ lyric video

So here we are with number two…

Again, this is a kind of first-ditch effort at the images floating around in my imagination when it comes to storyboarding a music video. Who knows, perhaps one day it will translate into a full-scale animated video with the narrative here: Doodle gallivanting through the countryside, hopping on a train and spreading love and good cheer as he goes along the journey. The idea being that life is worth living, and living comes down to giving.

Our RCB social media followers of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter would have seen some of the behind-the-scenes pics while it was being made.

It’s not perfect execution, but I do feel like the animation, and particularly happy cartoon images, really lend themselves to this style and mood of the album as a whole.

Do you have any thoughts? Let us know.



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