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The week’s cardio summary and random thoughts

Third week of Rock month is almost done. My morning cardio for the week has been documented, courtesy of Strava:

I managed to cook all the chicken and prepare two lunch meals, as well as get through my usual morning routine of
– cardio
– first breakfast
– workout
– second breakfast.

My workouts are intense but probably not as intense as they could be. I think this is a two-fold cause: on the one hand, I’m too distracted about everything past, present and future; and on the other hand, I’m not focused enough on what I’m doing.

Okay, perhaps it’s one-fold. The good thing is that I’ve recognised it, right? Next week I’ll be a muscle-making machine.

I am definitely feeling stronger and more able. I’m lifting heavier weights than I did in the first week, and while my weight hasn’t changed, I am starting to feel a slow transformation taking place.

Today I had thorough fun at Maritzburg Prep: I taught the 8-year-olds a bunch of rock numbers from the 80s (Queen’s We Will Rock You, as well as I Love Rock ‘n Roll, We Built This City and Born To Be Wild) and then the 6-year-olds were taken through the choreography for the Bee Gees’ hit track, Staying Alive. Alas, we didn’t get any film footage, as we all got too carried away in the fun of it all…

…but perhaps next week – if anyone demands.

I have a pile of admin to complete and follow through on, but my plan for this weekend is to at least get some drawing done. I’ve realised that discipline means to maintain a sense of internal balance and creativity by fueling what I hope will end up the ultimate fire – music and animation. Tomorrow’s pics will be a nod in that direction.

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