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The RCB Cape Town tour memoirs

So at last, our issues with web service providers seem to have been solved and we’re back up and running. Many apologies to all those who were trying to get on the website and couldn’t… it was beyond our control and incredibly frustrating, but we’re glad to be up and running again!

The band’s first soiree into Cape Town was an unbelievable time. For a band, there is nothing like being on the road. Especially a road where you make so many friends and meet so many awesome people.

It’s far too much to recount all-in-all, but herewith my brief take on the shows:

Sunday 4 April, House of Grace (near Paarl):

RCB at the House of Grace, Cape Town.
Swinging it with one of the kids.

The gig was organised by the good people at Citta, a small but vibrant community of people who are looking to impact Cape Town through music.

Our man Kenn Gibson and his wife Tracy met us and took us out to where some 20-odd children are looked after and cared for. We enjoyed some cricket and kicked a ball around, and had lunch with the kids, after which the RCB took the stage (verandah).

Our set was very well received, and for me it’s always great having children in the audience, their inhibition and joy create a vibe in the crowd which is different to other shows. They particularly enjoyed uncle Berto’s improvised bass and vox solo.

CD Sales: 5
Attendance: 40
Quote of the day: “Maritzburg!? Is that near Bloemfontein?” – one of the dudes at Citta.

Tuesday 6 April, Pinelands Presbyterian Church (Pinelands):
After Monday’s gig at the Barleycorn was cancelled by the organisers, it was good to get back into business. The venue is the new home of my folks, Rob and Pam, who are now ministering to a maturer congregation in the Cape. The hall at PPC was laid out in supper theatre format (just the way we like it) and the show was well attended by 60-odd people. In all honesty, we had to work some plans for this particular crowd, where the average age was… well, let’s just say they are not accustomed to drums. The show, however, was an absolute cracker, and had one of the noisiest renditions of Chin Up Young Heart (Stand Up) during the whole tour. Thanks to Andre who provided the sound rig… all we can say is we hope we play on that system again!

CD Sales: 7
Attendance: 60
Quote of the day: “I’m a classical musician, but I really, really enjoyed your music.” – a senior choir lady at Pinelands.

Wednesday 7 April, Alma Road Cafe (Rosebank):

Rudi set up
In the corner.

Venue owner Richard Tait was kind enough to let us pull in and play at one of the best jols we had all week. Rich himself is an accomplished muso and has worked and performed for many years in the industry. Alma Road Cafe is a small little spot in Rosebank, which seats about 30 people (max) and operates mainly on Sunday nights.

Wednesday is the famous burger night, with the occasional live act. Tam opted out of this one, feeling the effects of travelling and 12 weeks of pregnancy, and also factoring in that the venue is small.

When I say small, the stage holds two people. So we innovated a bit, Rudi went down on the side next to the stage and Jon on the other end, with Berto and I doing our thing on the platform.

The opening act was Zimbabwean Immanuel and boeremusiek instrumentalist Heine, whose music was diverse and really entertaining. Our set went well, despite not having Tam with us, and the audience – about 25 or so – gave us an unbelievable reception at the end.

CD Sales: 1 (thanks Emma Cook!)
Attendance: 30
Quote of the day: “Lekker bru… the eternal optimist. You okes have changed my attitude today.” – Heine, post-show.

Thursday 8 April, Fogeys (Muizenberg):

Jon’s minions arrived en masse at the Railway Station restaurant in Muizenburg for one very memorable night. Fogeys has a wonderful retro vibe about it – it’s a genuinely older looking interior but has a warmth and special vibe all its own.

It was good to have Brad (the official RCB live sound engineer) with us and on board for the next few nights. He quickly got to grips with the in-house PA and we were set up on time.

We were now finding our groove and getting used to the set and towards the end we had to give the front row what they came for – a piano solo, followed by the Chuck Berry classic Johnny B. Goode.

The crowd loved it, and even we were slightly surprised at what Juffs produces when put under a bit of pressure. Will probably do that more often!

CD Sales: 3
Attendance: 40
Quote of the day: “Yeeesh bru, where on earth did that come from?” – Rudi, to Jon, after his solo.

Friday 9 April, New Gen Church (Somerset West):
By far the most organised gig of the tour. Minette at New Gen is an organisational guru and has a creative flair which really inspired us, and the venue was impeccably laid out and had a beautiful ambiance about it. Brad on sound again, and we were marvelling at the ability of the diminutive system in the venue… wow!

The day started with me taking a solo trip to the airport (while everyone else was still waking up back at the house) to fetch Adrian and Sharon, who arrived at CT International decked out in RCB T-shirts! It made my day. They also brought additional shirts, which made the band look very impressive that evening with all these groupies walking around branded.

The gig was a scorcher, and the band felt like we were at our best on this night. The audience was awesome, and didn’t miss a beat either! Was so good to see friends and family who we have missed for ages – a very special evening for us.

CD Sales: 6
Attendance: 50
Quote of the day: “Berto, turn down your bass amp 20 percent” – Brad to Roberto. “What’s 20 percent???” – Berto.

Saturday 10 April, The Assembly (Harrington Street) with Plush
Arrived at 5.15pm for sound check with the boys from Plush. Was good to see them again, and we spent a few hours chatting and catching up on news, life and stuff in general while the technical guys got everything set up. I’m always more excited for sound checks and am generally disappointed. The business is mundane and fiddly. Our opening slot was 30 minutes, which went by in a complete blur but was nonetheless worthwhile – we were able to perform to people who normally we would not have.


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  1. Awesome stuff guys! May this tour be the first of many. Wish we could have been there to see you guys live! Great to have the website up again. It’s looking wicked 🙂

  2. It’s really great to see how well you are doing Ryan, Jon and the gang. We look forward to your first trip to the UK. wE HAVE THE ACCOMODATION TO PUT YOU UP and the venues for RCB . COME – the ash has settled !!

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