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The Podcast Cover Image

If you are reading this, then you are probably familiar with The Great Deep and have watched the Introduction video.

In terms of visual aspects of The Great Deep, I had two thoughts.

The “album” cover – or the image that should represent the music – was always going to be some sort of sweeping landscape of a water surface… either the ocean, or some infinity lake, or something. Essentially, the view was from above. Stories and ideas as snapshots – “scraping the surface” so to speak – things you can only fit into some verses and a chorus…

The podcast cover, on the other hand, was always going to be from below the water’s surface. With a podcast series, the idea was that as musicians and artists we would be less limited than the confines of a song, and would be able to go deeper, delve into issues, dig through some of the ideological expanse within a topic or an issue. This is immensely freeing and helps the agonising part of creative process – you know, things which artists mull over endlessly (“what will people think if I take out that line of the second verse?” or “will the subtext be understood in the bridge?“). Rather, by starting a podcast, we found an opening up of possibilities, rather than a series of limits and dead ends.

But how to capture the image in a way that captivated the heart of this? I wanted people to be intrigued and get it just by looking at it…

Thankfully, God brought Remi Abrahams across our path. He has an epic edge to his work which pulls me in. Check out his work on Instagram or Artstation.

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