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The international doors open

I am normally circumspect when it comes to statements such as “living by faith” or “God will provide”. But as I type this, I find myself in the middle of an unfolding miracle. You may or may not believe it, and I am still trying to come to grips with it myself. It all started on Monday.

Monday night, 7.30pm, our get-to-Spain graph looked looked like this:

RCB sales chart

My flight to Cape Town having been booked for Tuesday, Monday night was spent deliberating with Tam on the pros and cons of purchasing a plane ticket to Spain, with no money in the bank account. (Incidentally, KZN residents can only get a Schengan visa in Cape Town – not Pretoria.)

Us being the praying kind, I prayed. Feeling a strange sense of peace, and aided by the symptom of partly-stupid-and-mostly-gung-ho, I booked the plane ticket. The only person who knew I’d done it was Tam, and she promptly went to sleep (probably as a coping mechanism).

Four hours later, having not told a soul, the graph suddenly looked like this:

RCB Sales Chart

A couple of anonymous donations made in the space of 4 hours. I have no clue where those donations have come from (if it was you, a very heartfelt and large Thank You!). I have come to the realisation that it’s not actually important. We’re taking it as a sign. The Future Music Forum beckons, and with it, a new future for the RCB.

P.S. For those still following our progress, we still have a way to go, as you’ll see in the graph below.

Donate towards the RCB's Spain expedition.

If you’d like to donate, click on any one of the graphs or click here.

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