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The idea of home… and what it means

If you haven’t read the story of The Prodigal Son, you can read it here.

The story resonates with me on many levels – as a son, as a brother, as a father and as a pastor. I like this narrative because I think that the tendency to run away is dormant in all of us. In addition, I like this story because I think the older brother’s attitude of entitlement also lies dormant in all of us.

My experience and observation has been that everyone goes through a kind of “wild child” state of heart at some point in their life. Equally, we all have those complacent, “entitlement” moments like the older brother.

These are the two ideas that frame the verses for the song Home.

In this song, the chorus isn’t so much about coming home to a physical place, but rather a spiritual place. A place of peace. To get there, I believe we have to be on our knees, asking for help.

This is a song I sing whenever I’ve had a hard day at the office, when I’ve said the wrong things to people, when I’ve completely stuffed up with my family or friends. The idea here is that home is that place where you’re accepted and loved, where you find redemption, healing and peace, and where you can move on.

Before all that though, ultimately, it’s a place of surrender.

It’s worth mentioning that I wrote all of this a few weeks back as a “draft”, and scheduled the blog to post today, not knowing what lay before us…

Here we are, beginning a lockdown in South Africa because of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Home” takes on a whole new meaning. As I think back on the songs and the messages of The Great Deep so far, it’s clear that the underlying thread was a call to slow down, to the importance of family and meaningful relationships, and the essence of what we are designed to be juxtaposed to what our society has become.

Now we have 21 days at home. And as the chorus line says, “This love finds me on my knees”. There’s nowhere else to hide. The economy is being bludgeoned. Families are locked down together. And everyone will be searching their souls with the deeper questions of why we’re here and what our life is all about as we’re locked down at home.

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