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The 2018 House Concert Tour

I have a dream, and that is to share the message of hope and joy through music and art in many homes around South Africa this year.

Let me elaborate why. I have yet to experience a house concert that is not special. For the past four years, every single time, the experience has been nothing short of incredible. We have had so many people e-mail us days, weeks, sometimes years afterwards and thank us again for the positive and happy memories that were created! We are truly privileged to do what we do and have those special connections with people – many of whom we still chat regularly with.

The concept of house concerts for the RCB came about a few years back when I was reading the book of Acts, about how the early church met in homes. While I was reading it, my phone beeped. It was a notification on Twitter. I opened it and on my feed was a blog link from an American indie artist about how to do house concerts. The link was more than merely coincidental! Since then, the RCB’s tunes and most importantly – the Gospel message – has grown roots.

So here we go – the RCB is putting on a series of house concert shows starting in KZN, and then further afield, and we’re inviting you to take part!!!

It is so easy – there’s no cost involved, it’s completely donation-based.

All you need is a home, a space, for us to play and people to listen – and you can invite whoever you want. Your friends, family, neighbours, homies, larnies… whoever.

We’re putting together some possible dates – so you can book yours now! Click here to send us an e-mail or get in touch to find out more information.

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