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Start of Rock month week 4…

I’m not gonna lie. It was a jolt to the system this morning at 3.30am. A not-so-balmy two degrees and a wind chill factor as well. BUT, I did it, as Strava well attest.

I also can’t seem to bump my heart rate over 90 when doing my morning workouts after cardio, which I can only attribute to the fact that the weights aren’t heavy enough and I am now capable of pushing heavier barbells and dumbbells. So bring on the epic pain for epic gains. *winces quietly

KZN Costume Hire is attracting steady foot traffic without much marketing at all, which bodes well for when we actually do start promoting it! I started the morning by dropping off outfits for teachers at St Charles, and by the end of business today received another phone call from a preschool principal looking for outfits for their school production this term.

Wedding requests and other live music events also keep steadily coming in. It may be a little while before the word is out far and wide on my one-of-a-kind digital wedding invitations, but I know it will come.

I have a week and a half to go until I complete Rock month… it has definitely helped me cope with the workload so far, so I have resolved today to continue on at the same pace through this third quarter. Having said that… tomorrow is leg day. Sigh.

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