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Songs are like kids? Really?

I’ve heard other artists say:

“Songs are like your kids”…

Some time back, my sister in Durban told me she shared the news of my Great Deep album release with a colleague, who (I think) is a photographer. She must have told him about some of the process (which is, you know – writing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, etc)…

“Nice! That’s half the job done,” he said.

That’s a guy who obviously knows. (I need to meet him one day and share war stories.)

Most people call it creating and then marketing, marketing, marketing…

I prefer my wife’s version. She calls it “giving birth” (stay with me here). The implication then is that what’s created needs to be nurtured. Raised. Helped mature.


This idea is not a new one. Many songwriters and indeed artists have likened the process of creating art to that of having and raising kids. I first discovered this idea listening to Sting being interviewed in the All This Time documentary (I’ll reference some more thoughts in a future Patreon blog from this collector’s item of mine). He commented on how songs tend to gain a life of their own as time goes on, and that thought has stayed with me… for whatever reason.

I feel it’s too early to start an unplugged version of some of the songs from The Great Deep. For one thing, I’ve hardly performed them live. But I’m interested in seeing how these songs and these ideas “grow”, both in meaning and in future versions (recorded or performed).

On that note, if you have any thoughts on the songs, I’d love to hear from you. I know it takes time out of your day, so that’s why I’m giving away free secret online goodies for feedback (positive or negative). And if you’ve read this far, I’d hazard a guess you’re more than half interested in all this stuff. Just comment below with your thoughts on the album.

And if you haven’t heard it yet, below are the links.

If you’re a Spotify user and are making playlists and have any of my songs included, let me know where you put it and why.

I’m also interested with users feedback on artwork and display of the album on different devices – so if you have any thoughts, please let me know.


iTunes and Apple Music seem to more popular with overseas listeners, but again I’m interested in feedback on playlist inclusions, artwork, etc.

If you’re not a subscriber of any platforms, there’s always good old YouTube!

And if you’ve read this far, you’d probably want to subscribe to my channel here (I’m releasing new lyric videos soon!).

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