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Some months in the life of a musician… #3

July 5

I’m in Cape Town. Performances, meetings, research of venues… it’s all happening.

7.02am. My inbox is full of correspondence. People who want wedding invitations (after the KZN Bridal Fair), business deals and various musical endeavours. It really feels like the hustle is on.

9am. Meeting with the CEO of the company my brother works for. I have been excited about this for many days. A real entrepreneur in a similar stage of life who is successful, cunning and optimistic. We chat for 2 hours about a coffee shop called Bootlegger in Claremont, Cape Town.

View from the AirBnB.

July 6.
7am. Jon and I had planned to be on the road to Plett but he hasn’t arrived yet. He’s either still sleeping (quite possible, given the pace of the past few days) or he’s sleeping. One of the two.

8.06am. He arrives. Fortunately, we were driving in his souped-up Bat-mobile.

9.03am. We’re on the road to Plett. There really is nothing like the open road. We use the time in the car for planning, dreaming and contemplating great things.

Some people think of it as the quest for world domination. We like to think that we aim to please our people.

RCB on tour… Pit stop.

3.07pm. We arrive in Plett a bit earlier despite our late departure. (Thanks to Jon’s car.) And we wander on down to an awesome little jaunt called Roast, for a meal and a cold one.

4.29pm. Check in with our hosts for the evening, the effervescent Charl and Di Van Eeden. They lead a church in Plettenburg Bay, and we’ve known their family for what’s going on 8 years now. Wonderful people means wonderful catch ups!

Outside Surf Cafe in Plett.

6.01pm. We’re off to sound check. Thank the Lord we don’t have to rig up our own sound, we just arrive, plug in and play. It’s always a bit surreal seeing your name on posters and advertised outside a venue.

7pm. Surf Cafe is packed and we’re winging the setlist for the mob.

On stage at Surf Cafe.

9pm. Dinner, and a debrief on the process so far.

10.38pm. Bed time. People think it’s fun touring, but the reality is it’s tough, and nothing beats the feeling of climbing into bed after a long day of travelling and performing.

July 7.
Breakfast with the hosts. Our conversation meanders through the subjects of church, scuba and free diving and the calendar ahead of us. For me, this is what touring is for – to connect with people along the journey.

9am. We’re on the road, scouting for music video scenes and using the time in the car to write songs and generate ideas. Here’s a taste of it all…

7.03pm. We arrive safely back in Cape Town, and there’s a warm bed and a day to reflect on the adventure so far. It’s a whirlwind by comparison to the last 6 years, but it’s far from over.


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2 thoughts on “Some months in the life of a musician… #3

  1. Somehow it already feels like this was ages ago, but I have such great memories of this road-trip 🙂

    1. The random guy asking for a selfie in Plett…

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