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Show Reviews

Were you at a recent show of the Ryan Calder Band?

The RCB is looking for reviews of their performances, and in return will give you a free copy of the band’s Live at the Red Door album, autographed by all of the band members! The first 20 reviews all get a free copy of the live CD!

So if you were at one of the band’s recent shows and would like to write about what you thought of the RCB’s shows, submit your name, email and review in the comment section below. We’re asking for at least 100 words, as well as the venue you saw the RCB perform at, and you can comment on as many aspects of the show that you want.

We will contact you personally and get your details to send the CD to you.


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6 thoughts on “Show Reviews

  1. I went to watch the Ryan Calder Band play at the Hexagon Dive tonight. I always like going to The Dive, it’s a kinda smokey jazz area and you get a lazy feeling just sitting in there. RCB just launched their new album On The Edge with a tour earlier this year. The band a Pietermaritzburg original, finds it hard to describe their sound, but listening to them play tonight I found myself thinking there really is no need to label it. They have a sound that speaks to your soul, music that doesn’t just tug at your heart strings but wraps itself around your heart and pulls you in with or without your consent. With songs like Leave It Behind, More Beautiful Tonight, Feels Like Home and the album title On The Edge, you can’t help but get lost in the lyrical romance created by the music. You find yourself wondering if the band is talking to you or daring you to make a choice about your path in life. If you need something new to listen to, something so unassuming but with an overwhelming elegance that the music takes you in without effort, click on over to the band’s site and get yourself a copy of On The Edge and catch them at the Royal Friday the 4th of June.

  2. What a lovely evening at the Hex, seeing the Ryan Calder band in action. My Husband and I were a little apprehensive as to what they had to offer music wise, as we are mainly into hard rock. The last time we saw them live was a few years ago and they were doing covers of the golden oldies.

    The Ryan Calder Band’s music was awesome. A mix of some jazzy numbers and some quite nice almost hard rock numbers thrown in got us tapping our feet and singing along.
    The band has a good interaction with the crowd and gets even the grumpiest members of the audience enjoying themselves and joining in.

    The most enjoyable aspect of their music is the deeper meaning in their songs, the Christian values that the Calder boys have grown up with have been incorporated into their music turning their music into praise and worship music in a kind of “Out of the box” way.

    Well done on a well rounded performance, I will definitely be there more often to support the band.

  3. We were privileged to attend the live performance of the RCB on Friday 27 May at the Hex. I found the lyrics and music most inspiring and uplifting. What a treat to attend a performance where there was NO swearing, no profanities and no negativity. The religious message behind most numbers came through clearly to me and I found thi…s most refreshing. The non-flashy decor, neat and non-outrageous appearance of members is most appealing. The only negative comment I have is that there did not seem to be any of the bands CD’s for sale. The start and finish times are perfect for the 50 yr + age group, and gave us time to get there after work, but also get home early enough to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The overhead projector pictures and display of lyrics were also very welcome – the pics were stunning and it was great to be able to read the lyrics. It was so awesome to see a band of “youngsters” with such high principles and morals, obviously christian, being so positive.

  4. A laid-back evening, just right for the Friday wind-down to the weekend. Ryan and his band know their material and make no excuses or apologies for the sentimentality. Instead they allow the listener to be taken to those places where music unlocks the gentle heart.
    When performing a cover, the band use their initiative and this, together with their original work (all love-songs of one sort or another) make the time spent with them at the Hexagon Theatre’s “Dive” a real pleasure.

  5. Having seen the Ryan Calder Band perform in many varied venues over the last few years I can confidently declare that they get better with every performance. Their music is both rich and soulful and will get any audience up on their feet and clapping along. The band’s introduction of a multimedia slideshow, which includes a quirky cartoon personality, adds real character to some of their songs and also reveals a little about the good nature of band members themselves. They are a very talented and diverse group that will leave any audience smiling, entertained, and feeling proudly South African!

  6. What an awesome evening at the Hex. Your music is amazing! Just listening to your free demo and you guys sound just as good whether live or a recording! Well done to the Ryan Calder Band!!! You guys are great, keep it up! Will be seeing you at the Royal Show for sure.

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