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My Patreon page!

Hi everybody – I am on Patreon!

If you haven’t checked out my page yet, click here to see what it’s all about.

Patreon is a great way to give into the process of creating, and helps creators build a sustainable career. Here’s what I’m offering on my Patreon page:

Join the RCB’s Great Deep Project!
$1 per creation

    You get:

– Access to my patron only activity feed

Backstage Pass
$2 per creation

    You get:

– Behind-the-scenes video access
+ Patreon-only feed
+ Plus all the previous stuff!

Uber Fan
$3 per creation

    You get:

– First access to everything, behind-the-scenes video access
+ Plus all the previous stuff!

Uber Access
$5 per creation

    You get:

– Exclusive Demo Track – listen to the latest “song draft” release in the pipeline of The Great Deep.
+ Plus all the previous stuff!

$10 per month

    You get:

– First listen to everything – songs, podcasts, videos, etc. – with personalised thank yous!
+ Plus all the previous stuff!

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