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Royal Rock 2010

So there we were. Five against 5000. A freezing cold Friday night in Maritzburg. Thanks to BigBeat, we were given the opportunity to perform at the Royal Rock concert – part of the annual Royal Show. On the line up was the Ryan Calder Band, Watershed, City Bowl Mizers and Wonderboom.

RCB rocking the Royal Show
RCB rocking the Royal Show

It was quite a different performance for us. From time to time it happens, but screaming teenage girls in the front row is seldom a Maritzburg feature most days of the year. I had wondered beforehand how quickly news would travel, but we never would have anticipated the response to Jon’s sex appeal.

It was only a week ago that Berto announced at our Hexagon shows that Jon is the only single member of the RCB. And six days later, there they were in their droves: thousands of dizzy teenage admirers, screaming their brains out in love-struck wonder at our 6 foot 4 keyboardist.

I must tell you… some nutter, wearing a gigantic 4-foot, 30kg hat, waltzed up to the front row, obstructing the view of those behind him. So an irate student behind the hat took it upon himself to try and dislodge it from the nutter’s head by chucking his shoe at the sculpture. But he must have had a few pints because he missed by miles and sent the shoe hurtling in the direction of the aforementioned keyboardist.

Jonz9r, being the dynamic stage personality that he is, nimbly ducked the flying shoe (George Bush would have been proud) mid-way through a riff and continued unabashed to rock the bras off the adoring minions.

It’s quite a view from a stage that size as well. Inamongst the screaming teenage girls were a few standout faces like our friends Galen Schultz and Kelly Macbean, Michelle Atagana, Linda, Annie, Debbie, Anthea, Jenette (who took the photo above), as well as hooligan groupies Neil du Plessis and Richard Bleeker. Man, those guys are classic – screaming “I love you Ryan!” in pitch-perfect, maniacal falsetto. Inamongst the noise it sounded just like my mom, which was comforting.

Our music was well received by at least six people, who bought new albums. In fact, one of them – Tim from Kokstad – arrived late and caught the last song, which he enjoyed so much that he decided it was good enough to warrant the purchase of On The Edge. Tim, you’re awesome.

By the way, we’re going to be on radio soon. Watch out groupies! News coming soon.

p.s. A VERY BIG thanks to all of you who continue to support us. We’ve been taking attendance registers behind the scenes and you’ll be rewarded with Jelly Babies. Chat to Rudi, he’ll distribute them.


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5 thoughts on “Royal Rock 2010

  1. i am so jealous that you made your royal show appearance and i wasnt there! well done guys! by the way…first week in october…i wouldnt mind if there happened to be a concert:)

  2. Nice one okes, sure beats being wheezed at by old-timers in Cliffy’s (ask us, we know)!

  3. @Dan! You returning!?? Awesome – will be great to see you!
    @Doug R: Haha! What do you mean?? You okes resuscitated them old-timers!

  4. Hi guys! Well done on the show 😀 Glad I got to see it! Yay! Best of luck awaiting news from the radio stations!

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